Club Penguin Hiding Spots

Club Penguin Hiding Spots. 1st go to the dance club. You can hide from people who annoy you or stuff like that.

BEST HIDING SPOTS ON CLUB PENGUIN club penguin cheats by
BEST HIDING SPOTS ON CLUB PENGUIN club penguin cheats by from

Hiding spots in club penguin. One of them is in the ice rink! Here are the best hiding spots on club penguin:

You Go Were The Stove Is And Click Were The Map Is But Below It!

1st go to the dance club. One of my friend teached me that ~4sazuke4~ When hiding, you should never wear clothes if your penguin can be seen.

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Tucked away behind the cove’s lighthouse. Posts about club penguin hiding places written by rockhopper2602 This guide is all the places we know where you can hide throughout cp.

In The Town, At The Bottom Right Corner.

You need to watchthis vid for some of the best hiding places in cp. Ok, ever play hide and seek in club penguin, but your found straight away cuz even tho you can't see your penguin, you can still see your name? Learn tons of tips and spots on where to hide that way you can beat your buddies at the game hide and seek!

A Very Stinky Hiding Spot Indeed.

If you do,i know the perfect hiding spots,look at the pictures! Here are some great hiding spots if you are playing hide and go seek. A secret room is a room in the club penguin island, which goes by a specific criteria.

The Best Bit Is You Wont Need Any.

#1 the town in the town you will see a tree to the right side, then you will see a pile of snow down there. This side mission can be played during free play mode after completing the first main mission, looking for cannot be played during the time the gift shop is barricaded, which occurs after completing damage control, until. The best hiding spot ever!

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