Club Penguin How To Become A Spy

Club Penguin How To Become A Spy. 1.) first you have to be 30 days old. Click “become a secret agent” and take the quiz.

How to a Secret Agent and EPF Agent Penguin
How to a Secret Agent and EPF Agent Penguin from

Your first step is to log onto club penguin. Click on “go there” 3. Once you are in there, the phone will ring.

To Be A Spy On Club Penguin You Have To Do These Steps:

How do you become a spy on club penguin? First you have to be 30 days old and then if you are click the badge on the top right hand corner and the answers so you become an agent are honest, being mean or rude, report them, saying their. On the spy phone, press the “visit.

This Is The Invitation Of The Epf.

Use it to learn even more about the psa and also being an agent. Is club penguin rewritten illegal? So, walk up to the phone.

How Do You Start A Spy Mission On Club Penguin Rewritten?

The spy phone will allow you to teleport throughout club penguin and visit the hq! 1.) first you have to be 30 days old. If you are welcomed right into the penguin secret agency (psa) you will receive a spy phone on your player card.

Click On The “M” Badge In The Upper Right Of The Screen.

3 rows how do you start a spy mission on club penguin rewritten? An elite penguin force message will come up. To begin this guide on how to become an epf agent in club penguin, log into club penguin and head on over to the ski village.

If You’re Not, Go To The Everyday Phone Faculty.

Use your new spy phone (player profile > bottom right corner) press visit hq (head quarters) click on top secret (the green panel) choose your mission and complete it, then complete the other 10 missions. When your there, walk inside the everyday phoning facility. Click on the green panel labeled “top secret” in.

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