Club Penguin Mission 2 Secret Word

Club Penguin Mission 2 Secret Word. Click the signpost on the mountain. To find the secret word look near a lively game;

G’s NEW MISSION The Penguin Zone
G’s NEW MISSION The Penguin Zone from

Elite penguin force mission 2 left to your own devices. Get the rope you see. G's secret mission was the 2nd psa mission that focused on testing one of g's new inventions.

Go To The Sport’s Shop And Speak To G.

Click on the sled and add it into your inventory. When gary asks you for the word, tell him “mogul.” pick up the new test sled for a test drive, and bring it to the mountain. “to find the secret word, look near a lively game;

I’m Here To Receive Club Penguin Mission 2.

Click the sign post on the mountain. When you wake up, you are found in the wilderness of club penguin. Here’s how to complete the club penguin mission 2, also known as g’s secret mission:

Case Of The Missing Coins;

You:i’m here to receive my mission. To find the word you have to go to the ski mountain,. Go to the ski mountain.

Follow These Step By Step Instructions And Tutorial Video To Finish This Club Penguin Mission:

Mission 2 guide filed under: Go back to the sport’s shop and give g the secret word that you decoded. What is the word for g's secret mission on club penguin?

There Are Currently No Words On The Board The Answer To Being A Secret Agent Is In The Following.

Talk with gary the gadget guy. Decode the sign on the right, for the bunny hill. Go to ski mountain and look around.

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