Club Penguin Mission 6 Step By Step

Club Penguin Mission 6 Step By Step. Speak to aunt arctic, tell her you’ll find the puffles. Mission 1 “the case of the missing puffles” guide:

Club Penguin Mission 6 Cheats "Questions For A Crab
Club Penguin Mission 6 Cheats "Questions For A Crab from

You may be looking for the answer to the most popular question for this mission, which is: Click the sign post on the mountain.… Go into the lighthouse and put the empty barrel in your inventory.

Then Fall Down The Mountain And Follow Him Into The Cave.

Then, talk to g about the analyzer and click the furensic analyzer 3000. Tell him that you want to receive your mission. Start off the mission by talking to gary, agent, and rookie.

Then, Pick Up The Box Of Odds And Ends From Gary’s Gadgets.

Go to the beach and talk to the jetpack penguin. Go to the ice rink, look around for pictures of a green puffle. Go to the hq and find the ac 3000 (it is a fan and located at the prototype rack) in the gadget room and put it into your inventory.

G Will Ask You To Ask The Crab Some Questions.

Go into the lighthouse and pick up the cream soda barrel. For help on any mission, we got you covered. Open up your spy phone and get…

You Will See The The Polar Bear And The Crab Break The Clock.

Club penguin mission 10 step by step guide. Talk to gary the gadget guy and click on any of the choices. Go to the ski lodge and click on the two penguins playing find four.

Talk With Gary The Gadget Guy.

Looking for club penguin mission cheats? Hey there penguins,follow these step by step instructions to solve this club penguin mission:1. Here are all the step by step text form guides on how to beat the club penguin secret agent missions!

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