Club Penguin Missions 2

Club Penguin Missions 2. (mogul is refering to bunny hill). G's secret mission was the 2nd psa mission that focused on testing one of g's new inventions.

Club Penguin Gary's Secret Mission PSA Mission 2
Club Penguin Gary's Secret Mission PSA Mission 2 from

If you have to quit and. Here’s how to complete the club penguin mission 2, also known as g’s secret mission: G’s secret mission cheats posted on september 13, 2010 by cpradar g.

Talk With Gary The Gadget Guy.

Grab the string and move to the right side. Grab 3 “o berries” (from the bush), and move right a little bit. Talk to g in the sports shop, and tell him that you wanna do the mission.

( G's Secret Mission) You Can Play These Missions When You Log On To:

(mogul is refering to bunny hill). “to find the secret word, look near a lively game; Follow these step by step instructions and tutorial video to finish this club penguin mission:

The Brilliant Inventor For The Penguin Secret Agency Needs Your Help With One Of.

13.shake the tree in the image 3 times, and a pot will fall. Are you looking for something specific? You will receive a riddle:

Go To The Sport’s Shop And Speak To G.

He asks you to solve a riddle. Club penguin mission 2 cheats. Click the signpost on the mountain.

Here Is The Walkthrough For Club Penguin Mission 2, G’s Secret Mission.

Solve them all and claim all the rewards and also the secret rewards. Go to the sport’s shop and speak to g. Below is our tutorial for the second epf training mission (g’s secret mission) which’ll help you finish off the epf training mission 2 on club penguin.

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