Club Penguin Rare Treasure

Club Penguin Rare Treasure. To find the rare treasure, wait near every clam to see if they have the rare treasure (a black pearl). It is uncommon for it to be found, as it is not on all boards.

How To Get The Rare Treasure In Soda Seas Club Penguin
How To Get The Rare Treasure In Soda Seas Club Penguin from

This is where most clams are found. Here are complete cheats and tips to getting loads of club penguin coins on the game aqua grabber. Aqua grabber, club penguin, clubpenguin, cp, jellyboard, levels, new, rockhopper — jellyboard @ 11:40 am today the new level(s) of aqua grabber finally launched!

Objective Of Game Clam Waters:

Jet pack green suede jacket tiara. To find the rare treasure in clam waters, this is the big pearl! The emerald is a green gem in club penguin.

Our Guide Will Provide You The Best Cheats, Tips And Tricks For Aqua Grabber.

So play this game and have fun but before u can play u have to make a penguin if u get a membership that means more fun. Click on the tree at the bottom. In aqua grabber, you have to collect treasure from 2 different levels.

Well, This Series 4 Coin Code Gives You Three Treasure Book Items!

Clam waters is part of the ocean surrounding club penguin island players visit in the first level of aqua grabber. Also, an additional goal is to beat the level without losing a submarine. The soda seas was an ocean to the southwest of the club penguin island, only accessible via the aqua grabber by members.

Here Are Complete Cheats And Tips To Getting Loads Of Club Penguin Coins On The Game Aqua Grabber.

Club penguin team provided by lil maney bring you the worlds best of club penguin cheats, club penguin secrets, club penguin glitches, club penguin hints, rockhopper finds, coin code contests, club penguin tips, club penguin tutorials, parties, membership contests, music videos, pin finds, twitter, guides on how to win club penguin memberships and coin codes. This a fun game called club penguin. It was the home of the giant puffer fish who guarded.

This Is Where Most Clams Are Found.

And it doesn't look like you can buy a puffle yet. Club penguin aqua grabber cheats

where you can play aqua grabber… Players have to get an enormous grand pearl from the giant clam.

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