Club Penguin Silver Surfboard

Club Penguin Silver Surfboard. Silver surfboard is a powerful surfboard in club can find it at the catalog game upgrades at the was released on 2008.when you play catchin waves. Then click on the seashells and the surfboard will become the silver surfboard.

Club Penguin Silver Surfboard 2012 YouTube
Club Penguin Silver Surfboard 2012 YouTube from

3 responses to “silver surfboard” were do you get the silver surfboard. Now click on the starfish and the shell at the bottom of the page. Click on the surfboard that the penguin is holding.

Similar Items Are The Flame Surfboard And Daisy Surfboard.

The silver surfboard is a hand item in club penguin rewritten. 2) go to the surfboard page. It`s a very good costs 800 get it go to the surfboard page and click on the penguin`s surfboard and it will change to a daisy surfboard then click on the starfish and shell and it will let you buy the surfboard.also here`s a tip on using it.get really high in your jump and if you know.

U Can Buy It For 800 Note:

You will see a picture of a penguin holding a surfboard… click him and his surfboard should turn pink. 0 comments | tuesday, august 11, 2009. To get the silver surfboard in club penguin, go to the cove, click on the tag on the surfboard and click wave on the top in catchin' waves.

Open Up The Sports Catalogue.

This is the only surfboard which is not a. When the silver surfboard was released as a hidden item on august 31, 2007, penguins began to wear it and formed a clan at the mammoth dojo, provoking attacks from other armies that were battling there. Go to the on the surfboard catalougue.

This Item Is Hidden In The Game Upgrades Catalog.

Use the silver surfboard if you are a member! Go to spots shop n see the purple catalog there go in surfboards page click on the penguin then the daisy surfboard appears in the penguins hand now click on the shell and the starfish they will start glowing hten ull see the penguin holding silver surfboard note:only members can buy that silver surfboard I got over 1500 coins in one run!

Jacko, You Look Like A Penguin.

By watching the following video, i will demonstrate how to purchase a silver surfboard. His shiphold is also open…it’s time to play another. Well, without further ado, let’s get the surfboard now :

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