Club Penguin Sled Mission

Club Penguin Sled Mission. You will eventually crash though. G's secret consists of recyclable parts from around club penguin rewritten.the sled was invented by gary the gadget guy.

Club Penguin Mission Cheats Mission 2
Club Penguin Mission Cheats Mission 2 from

Pick up the pictures on the ground. Click the sign post on the mountain. Get the board in the ambush of the sled then find a string and pluck some 'o' berries and put in on the string and you will see the combination.

Get The Board In The Ambush Of The Sled Then Find A String And Pluck Some 'O' Berries And Put In On The String And You Will See The Combination.

Give the pictures to aunt artic. 3) add the ski and the rope to your inventory from the crash site, then get 3 o berries from the bush. Club penguin mission 2 cheats.

The Sled Racing Penguins Are Two Old Blue Penguins That Can Be Seen Clapping At The End Of Sled Racing.they Were Interviewed In Issues #111, #159, #176, And #183 Of The Club Penguin Times Through Which It Was Revealed That They Are Very Hard To Interview As They're So Absorbed With The Sport.

Go to the sport’s shop and speak to g. This is the first prototype, so we have to make sure it’s safe. Go down the path right by the red chair.

It Is A Game In Which Our Goal Is To Reach The End Of The Descent Of The Mountain With Our Sled As Quickly As Possible Avoiding Obstacles And Trying To Get There First.

Case of the missing puffles talk to aunt arctic go to the ice rink and get the pictures of the green puffle bring them back to aunt arctic go to the pet shop and decode the secret message on the side of the puffle house (you will come up with… Talk with gary the gadget guy. Pick up survival guide (read it if you want).

The Sled Fell Apart And I Crashed.

Give an ‘berry to the black puffle > boil water and drink > then cook the fish and eat > leave the cave > tell g the sled is dangerous; Don’t worry if you hit things and can’t steer very well. Click the signpost on the mountain.

I'll Keep Working On The Sled.

Click the sled to ‘test run’ and you have to crash the sled. Go to the sport’s shop and speak to g. He asks you to solve a riddle.

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