How To Do Mission 7 On Club Penguin

How To Do Mission 7 On Club Penguin. Elite penguin force has many features, but missions are the main one. Take the picture of the gear from the penguin.

Club Penguin PSA Mission 7 Clockwork Repairs YouTube
Club Penguin PSA Mission 7 Clockwork Repairs YouTube from

During questioning, the crab captured during a previous mission breaks out! Go back to the gadget room and speak to g on the right. Talk with ph, the penguin sleeping in the bubble.

During Questioning, The Crab Captured During A Previous Mission Breaks Out!

Here is a club penguin elite penguin force mission guide: The messege is different every time you do the mission. You will see herbert and his crab breaking apart the clock.

The Ultimate Mission Is The Tenth Epf Mission In The Club Penguin:

Now click out of that screen and listen to gary again. How to play mission 7 snowball game! You will receive the mission 6 medal.

Then Put The Fan Away And Pull Out Your Scissors On Your Phone Tools And Cut The String.

1 — mrshortcake @ 10:08 am. Elite penguin force is a nintendo game which you will become a super secret agent and you have to complete each of the thirteen missions that you cant do online and you can also buy items, play miny games and upload coins onto your online penguins account. How to do mission 7 on club penguin as a replacement, give them that life preserver you grabbed at the hq.

Hit Your Snowball On The Target.

Mission 1 “the case of the missing puffles” guide: Something is wrong with the control, so use the wrench from your spy gadget to open the panel. Earthquakes have shook the island.

Step 4:After You Talk Herbert, Grab Green Lantern They Left Behind Add It Your Inventory.

There map that you need klutzy will cut it half it floats away. This type of task is similar to a puzzle that elite penguin force agents may complete in order to gain medals, prizes, and experience by assisting other penguins. Take the picture of the gear from the penguin.

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